Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

PA/Sound equipment:
Unless otherwise specified it shall be the responsibility of the client to provide a sound system capable of playing the music supplied by the artiste and / or the client, to a standard suitable to the venue. If the Artiste is required to provide their own PA equipment this shall be agreed by all parties prior to booking. Adequate time shall be allowed for a sound check/rehearsal before a performance.


If a performance is required backing tracks can be provided on CD/USB and/or IPod/IPhone. Tracks can also be emailed to the client ahead of the event upon request. Please advise which format you require music for any performances in relation to the above act/artiste to be provided on.


All choreographed performances will be from the artistes existing repertoire. Any bespoke choreography/music/performances to be agreed by management with client prior to booking. Bespoke choreography/performances will incur an additional cost.

Performance space:

For reasons of Health and Safety, sufficient space shall be provided for the artiste to perform in the venue. The client shall use their best endeavours to provide an appropriate gap between the audience and the performing area. The client will advise the management of the dimensions of the performance space where possible. The client shall inform the management at the time of making the contract of any known potential problems with the performance area including excessively low ceiling heights. The artiste shall be given the opportunity to inspect the performance area prior to the performance being given and raise any points of adjustment with the client. Hard, wooden performance surface is required for our 1920’s tap dancers. Carpet or grass is not deemed suitable for any choreographed performance.


Costumes as shown/advertised on The Vegas Show Girls Ltd website. The Vegas Show Girls will endeavour to provide/supply the costume of the client’s choice for their event. In any instance where the selected costume should not be available an alternative costume will be offered. If a suitable costume is not agreeable by both parties a full refund will be offered. The Vegas Show Girls provide 1 set of showgirl feathers per event and a maximum of 2 sets of costumes/costume changes for themes such as Great Gatsby/1920’s/Can Can/Parisian where a costume change is required unless otherwise agreed prior to booking.

Arrival time:

Standard set up/arrival time is no more than 2hrs prior to an event start time unless otherwise agreed.

Hours of work:

All bookings are based on anything up to 3.5hrs at the venue not including arrival or set up time. The Vegas Show Girls charge a flat rate/fee regardless of whether the artist and costumes are required for 1hr or 3.5hrs due to travel and availability reasons.
Example timings: artists arrival 5pm. Artists hours of work between 7pm and 10.30pm.

Additional Hours:

Any additional hours worked outside the above agreed/contract hours will be charged at £25 per performer per additional hour worked. This must be agreed with both the artiste and management and subject to the artiste’s availability. Artistes do not work past midnight unless otherwise agreed.

Changing facilities:

The client shall use their best endeavours to provide reasonable, safe, secure and private changing facilities and shall inform the Artiste/Management at least 7 days in advance if the changing facilities and secure storage for possessions do not meet these standards. Public or private toilets will not be acceptable.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that soft drinks and light refreshments are available to the artist/s on the date of the performance.


Parking must be available at the venue for at least 1 car at no charge to the artiste/management. If parking is not available at the venue equivalent parking cost/charge must be paid to the artiste on arrival to the venue.


Overnight accommodation is not required to be provided by the client unless otherwise agreed/stated by the artiste/management prior to booking.

Travel costs:

All travel costs are inclusive of the total fee charged unless travel outside the United Kingdom is required.

Payment Terms – online bookings:

Payment will be made in full at the time of booking. Please see Cancellation term below.

Payment Terms – manual bookings:

Invoices shall be raised in advance of all performances. 25% non-refundable deposit shall be required upon confirmation of the booking and payable within 14 days of receipt of this confirmation. If the event date is less than 28 days from the date of booking/confirmation a 50% deposit will be required. If the event date is less than 14 days from the date of booking/confirmation payment will be required in full upon booking.
Remainder of the balance should be paid to The Vegas Show Girls Ltd either 7 days prior to the event or upon arrival of the artistes on the evening. A separate invoice will be raised for this 7 day prior to your event.
All agreed fees as stated on this contract must be paid by the client. Unpaid fees will be summoned, and compensations sought through legal channels.

Tax and National Insurance:

The Artiste’s Engagement under this contract is such that they would normally be treated as self-employed for National Insurance and Income Tax purposes because of being employed under a contract for services.


All deposits are non-refundable except for Force Majeure, Illness and Covid-19 national restrictions (please see below clauses). The client agrees to pay the agreed fee in full if the client/venue cancels the booking or any of the agreed dates within 28 days of the agreed date/s.
This contract may be cancelled by either party giving to the other not less than 28 days’ prior notice in writing.

Force Majeure:

In cases of ‘force majeure’ which will be known as: war, fire, death, epidemic, accident and serious damage to the venue which are not attributable to any act or failure to act or failure to take preventive action by the Artist/s or the Client then the Artist or Client may cancel this booking without incurring the afore mentioned cancellation fees.

Covid-19 Waiver:

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, should your event be affected by Government National Restrictions (meaning your event is not allowed to go ahead) all event dates will have a 12-month transferable period at no additional cost to the client. All deposits and monies paid will be transferred to a new event date. If you choose to cancel your event and not transfer the date your deposit will be non-refundable. Any other monies paid will be refunded in full.


In the event of accident or illness preventing the Artiste(s) from appearing the client shall be informed at the earliest opportunity and, if required by the client, the Artiste shall provide an appropriate medical certificate. The client shall not be obliged to pay the Artiste’s fee or any expenses for any performance(s) in respect of which the Artiste is unable to perform. A suitable replacement Artist will be offered to the venue/client where available. In the case of a suitable replacement not being available or agreeable/acceptable by the client/venue a full refund will be issued inclusive of deposit paid.

Future Bookings:

The client is to book the services of the same Artists for any future engagements resulting directly from this engagement through The Vegas Show Girls Ltd for a 12-month period.

Public Liability:

The Vegas Show Girls Ltd hold full public liability insurance up to £5 million. Certificates supplied upon request.