#METOO - Grazia Magazine

#METOO – Grazia Magazine

Firstly we wanted to say ‘Happy New Year’ to all of our lovely clients and followers – we hope yours was a fabulous and glamorous as ours was…(more of that to follow!)

You may have noticed that we are a little behind with our events blogs. But we still wanted to tell you about a few of the exciting things that have happened in the second half of 2018…

The BIGGEST event of the year was without doubt the arrival our company directors beautiful baby daughter, Isabelle Ivy back in July. Although still a bit small for sequins and feathers we are sure it will only be a matter of time before we have a new showgirl in the making! And congratulations to Emma-Jane and husband Richard on the new addition to their family.

Right up until Isabelle Ivy’s arrival things were as busy as ever in showgirl world.

Something that had dominated the press and industry in 2018 was the #metoo movement. Stemming from the Harvey Weinstein scandal this then seemingly spilled over into the arts and entertainment industry back in January 2018.

The much publicised Dorchester scandal saw a reporter from the Financial Times go undercover as a hostess at the annual charity event at one of London’s top hotels. Upon publishing her findings, things spiralled out of control very quickly within our industry. We saw the banning of Formula One grid girls and darts walk on girls. These jobs and roles were suddenly seen as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘sexist’ – jobs which had been part of the sporting industry for many years. Why this sudden turnaround?

Once clients started to show hesitation in booking female dancers and promotional staff for events it was time to speak out about something that was effecting our industry. Something as a company we feel so passionate about.

After reaching out to many publications we were delighted when renowned women’s magazine, Grazia, chose to publish our directors article which you can read for yourself below.

‘The Destruction of my Female Dominated Industry’ was published in June 2018.

As a company we are very sensitive to the above issues and have worked hard to eradicate any concerns that prospective clients may have about booking female performers.

We have introduced a selection of costumes that give more slightly coverage for our dancers whilst still offering one of the UK’s most stunning and glamorous selection of show girl costumes for our clients to chose from.

Fortunately things seem to have moved on a little since early 2018. The sequins and feathers are in big demand and as a company we are as busy as ever.

Versatility is key and our other fabulous themes such as The Greatest Showman and Great Gatsby are still in big demand.

We hope you enjoy reading our Grazia article – here’s to 2019!